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  • Additional MyAARPMedicare Advantage alternatives to assist users to find a plan that meets specific requirements.
  • The largest network of My AARP Medicare Advantage doctors and specialists.
  • $ 0 for fundamental care lab tests (virtual or in-person) and numbers of prescription drugs.
  • $ 0 copay for many significant benefits that Original Medicare did not present, inclusive of the preventive dental care, vision care, and also the hearing tests.
  • A fitness benefit that assists keep the mind and body well, inclusive of the free gym membership and online brain health program, all with Renew Active perks at
  • Unique health and wellness resources to assist users to live the best life.
  • When you’re engrossed in when, where, and how you require it, make sure users have options to take a better pick of.
  • The MyAARPMedicare coverage goes with users in the United States and provides emergency care throughout the world.